911 Operator Who Hung Up on Calls That Resulted in Deaths Just Got SMACKED by the LEGAL SYSTEM!

There are just some jobs you really don’t want to slack off at.

You’d think that someone who takes a job as a 911 call operator would understand the seriousness of the job, but apparently not Black Lives Matter member Crenshanda Williams. A number of people almost lost their lives thanks to her (but I suppose since they weren’t black lives she didn’t care?).

Houston Police specified two incidents, alleging that in both cases Williams intentionally hung up on the emergency callers. Back in March, a man identified as Hua Li dialed 911 at 8:10 p.m. to report an armed robbery.
Li had walked into a store that evening to buy lottery tickets. He heard someone yelling that there was a robbery and saw a man with a gun. Li counted five to six gunshots, then got into his car and drove away, as he tried to call for help. Williams immediately hung up on Li’s first call, according to the charging documents.
And that wasn’t all.
The second incident specified by Houston Police occurred on the same exact day as the previously mentioned incident when  a driver attempted to report trucks racing on the highway.
The driver identified himself and began telling her, “I’m driving 45 South right now and right now, I am at …” While the driver  was mid-sentence, the call disconnected. That was when Williams was heard complaining on the recording that she didn’t have time.
While the Houston PD specified two incidents, there was a third where a man tried to call the police when his wife passed out following a heart attack.

Upon reading the details of her case, I couldn’t help but hope that she’s soon reunited with many of her other Black Lives Matter friends – in prison.

According to the US Herald, she now got some punishment (which is hardly enough, in my opinion). As they reported:

In a recording of one emergency call, Williams can be heard saying, “ain’t nobody got time for this – for real,” after she hung-up.

Williams was charged with misdemeanor interference with an emergency telephone call and released on $1,000 bond.

She is also out of a job.

Don’t you think at least SOME jail time is needed here? The woman practically got away with murder because it was in the name of laziness.

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