9/11 Widow PERFECTLY Puts ‘Torture Report’ Into Perspective, SLAMS Liberals (VIDEO)


With the Liberal firestorm surrounding the recent release of the so-called “torture-report,” it’s left many Americans wondering if they’d forgotten the root cause of said “torture” – the terrorists themselves and 9/11. Putting this point perfectly into perspective was a 9/11 widow who said that the real “torture was watching what happened on 9/11.”

First and foremost we here at Mad World News would like to point out that the remarks were made amidst a CNN interview. As we all know, CNN is a heavily left leaning news outlet, and the host’s remarks at the time only go to prove that fact.

Before kicking off the discussion, CNN’s Carol Costello said, “It is important not to forget that this fight is deeply personal for one group of people; those who lost loves ones in the attacks on 9/11.” Someone please tell me when that “one” group of people changed from ALL Americans to only those who lost loved ones on 9/11.

This is exactly what happens when the infection of Liberalism is allowed to fester long enough.

It is precisely this mindset that Terry Strada, a New Jersey widow who lost her husband in the attacks on September 11, 2001, is speaking out against so ferociously. When did we as Americans start to fight for the rights of those that killed so many all those years ago? When did we as Americans seem to forget – despite their frequent and current reminders – that the same people would gladly slit our throats and watch us bleed out in the name of Allah?

Sadly, it takes a reminder to jumpstart the non-existent brainwaves of those fighting for the rights of terrorists and Strada was willing to give it. During the interview, she sternly noted:

What torture was–torture is watching what happened on 9/11, watching people jump out of the buildings to save themselves, to die as opposed to being burned to death or smoke… I had to listen to my husband on the phone when he called me that morning. Torture is telling your children that their father was killed by terrorists on American soil and our government isn’t standing by our side to help us go after the people that caused it.

It wasn’t America that went looking for a fight. The tactics used weren’t the result of ambitious CIA members looking for answers – it was a result of the actions in which a certain demographic of the world decided to declare war on us.

Sometimes the questions that need answers takes a bit of persuasion, which is exactly what Liberal cry babies are whining about now. Strada explains, “I live in a tortured environment, and I don’t think pouring water up their nose or making them walk around naked… it doesn’t matter to me.”

However, we are still hearing about how the big, bad American government treated the poor little terrorists by those who sleep so soundly under the security of America, yet are too scared to figure out what it takes to maintain that level of safety. Instead of being a hypocritical nuisance, Strada is fighting for the truth.

9/11 Widow PERFECTLY Puts ‘Torture Report’ Into Perspective, SLAMS Liberals

According to the Washington Free Beacon, she is in the process of forcing Congress “to declassify a report containing information leading up to the 9/11 attacks.” Saying that Americans deserve to know exactly what happened leading up to 9/11, she goes on to say, “I’m sorry, until we go back and find out and let the American people know who was behind 9/11, I don’t think we’re ever going to be safe. I don’t think we’re ever going to win our war.”

Although Congress has yet to release the report, Strada isn’t giving up any time soon. She concluded by saying, “I don’t know if you can imagine being home and this place evaporating in one day, and everybody you know and love is gone. You would stand up and fight, too, for the rest of your life until you get the truth out there. My daughter is here. I fight for her. I fight for my kids.”

What do you think – do terrorists deserve to be treated as humans despite their own reluctance to treat others in such a way, or does it sometimes take fire to fight fire? Let us know in the comments.

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