92 Muslims BLINDSIDED By Trump When He Shocks Them With PERFECT Surprise!

92 Nasty Muslims Had No Clue What Was Coming When TRUMP Showed Up & Ruined Their Party

Anyone who doubted that Donald Trump would really stick to his campaign promises, grossly underestimated him as the world has seen in his first couple days in office that he isn’t anything like Barack Obama. Not only is he unlike the president he replaced, but he’s also not a career politician which has brought about some surprising moves are much needed but not expected — especially for a certain set of 92 Muslims in America whose party was interrupted by our new Commander-in-Chief.

Trump said he’d create jobs and he did. He said he’d build a wall to protect our borders and has set the date for construction to begin, but best of all, he said he stop the flow of refugees Obama welcomed in and just did that by popping in on their party and giving them their final free ride — out of America.

Those who didn’t believe him or agree with him that he would be banning Muslims just got a rude awakening today when he showed them he’s serious when he sent 90 Somali nationals and two Kenyans back to where they came from. It only took a couple days of being in office to turn their plane around as Live From Mogadishu reported that an aircraft with 90 deported Somalis on it landed in their country from the U.S. at about 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday. Two Kenyans were also thrown on board, who had hoped to get all the tax-paid “freebies” Obama promised.

“The flight took place before President Trump’s signing of executive orders for a temporary ban on most refugees from several terrorist nations,” Xinhuanet reported.

He’s proved over and over again in just a matter of days that he’s a president of his word, which isn’t something that liberals are used to. They hoped he was full of hot air like our former “leader.” They don’t like the changes he’s making, especially all at once, but they better hold on because the free ride is over for refugees who thought they could take advantage of the U.S.

h/t: [GatewayPundit]

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