BREAKING: 9th District Court Just Changed Their Minds About Trumps Immigration Order! Look What They Did!!

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided to go against President Trump’s immigration ban by overturning that order and allowing travelers to come to the U.S. freely from the seven terrorist-tied countries in question. Now, just a couple of days later, immigrants aren’t cheering anymore as they just found out the secret way the court just screwed them with one key detail they “forgot” to say — and it’s pretty perfect.

These people are not citizens, so why should they be able to benefit off those who are? This is precisely one of the issues hardworking Americans have with immigrants who have access to all the good things our tax funds afford them. However, the court who granted them permission to stay also just took one particularly important freebie away.

After the court decided to overturn our president’s decision, the met again to discuss the use of tax dollars now that all these illegal immigrants are here to stay. As a caveat to their plan, that illegal immigrants no longer have a right to legal representation, which includes our tax payer funded public defenders or even their own private attorney. If you’re an illegal immigrant who can afford a lawyer, then you can afford accessing the country the right way.

A man was previously in the country illegally and fighting for his right to an attorney. The judges denied him and he’s being deported. No citizenship, no legal services. Too bad, so sad.

Immigrants who are caught entering the U.S. illegally have no right to legal representation, a federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled on Tuesday. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the deportation of a Mexican immigrant who was arrested while crossing into the U.S. in 2012 and returned to his country the following day. The ruling, from a three-judge panel, came hours before a different Ninth Circuit panel was set to consider an executive order by President Donald Trump that temporary suspended travel from seven countries and halted the admission of refugees. The ruling Tuesday dealt with whether immigrants caught entering the U.S. illegally have due process rights to legal counsel under the Fifth Amendment, an issue separate from those raised in the executive-order challenge. Under a 1996 federal law, Customs and Border Protection officers can use a process called “expedited removal” to swiftly deport immigrants who are caught within 100 miles of the border without valid entry documents and who have been in the U.S. fewer than 14 days.

This is exactly the rule that should have been in place from the beginning of mankind. Illegal immigrants don’t have civil rights in the country they’re breaking into. Only citizens get those rights and freedoms. You can’t break into America and ask for a lawyer to defend you for breaking in.

Start following the law and you have all the rights and freedoms you can ask for. Break the law and no one cares.

If a criminal breaks into your house, should YOU pay for their lawyer?


You would say GTFO and call the cops after they trip over a few things and magically break every bone in their “illegally accessing your property/country” body.

This law may force immigrants to come to America the right way.

Just follow the laws, that’s all people ask.

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