A Bunch of Radical Protestors Have Taken To Capitol Hill Today To Blatantly Defy The Law


Washington, D.C., Capitol police made it clear that there would be NO sledding on the Capitol’s grounds according to The Hill. The people of D.C. planned on a ‘sled-in’ as a form of protest to the new rules.



So the Capitol police showed up and waited for any criminals.


At 1 PM, there was only a small crowd.

small crowd dad 1

As the media swarmed, the cops shut the show down.

shut down media


This criminal’s behavior was put to a stop.

sled 1


After the Capitol police intervened, the media stood around awkwardly.

awk media


Then one mom defied the law and made a stand.

mom 1


It was only minutes before more radicals showed up to show their support.



The protestors had one message:

protest sledprotest 3protest 1

The result was total anarchy.



The Capitol police did not stop any outlaws.



The radicals won this round. Maybe next time, Government.



—Courtesy of IJ Review

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