A Loving Girlfriend Sent a Heartbreaking 10-Word Text Just Before the Tragedy at Umpqua


From IJReview: Julie Woodworth was shot ten times during the horrific Umpqua Community College shooting. Miraculously, although she was shot in the head and all of her limbs, the 17-year-old survived and is in critical condition.

The Daily Mail was able to interview Julie’s boyfriend Tyler Clark, who revealed her condition and some of the details from that terrible day:

“She has swelling on the brain. Part of her skull is detached but the doctors can’t do any more until the swelling goes down.”

“We’re all waiting to find out what exactly happened to her. All we know is that this guy came in, killed the teacher and then asked those who were Christian to stand up before shooting them.”

Image Credit: FacebookImage Credit: Facebook

Despite her condition, Clark says that Julie is a fighter and will not give up easily:

“Julie is fighting. She’s so determined and if she says she’s going to do something, it will get done.”

Clark also revealed the loving text message she sent him just an hour and a half before the shooting began:

“Good morning baby. I’m just getting ready. I love you.”

That was the last time he heard from her. The couple has been together for two years and, according to Clark, Julie was excited to start school that day so she could pursue a legal career in the future.

Image Credit: FacebookImage Credit: Facebook

A Go Fund Me page has been set up in order to help raise money for Julie’s expensive surgeries. So far, 530 people have raised over $25,000.

The description on the page, which was written by her childhood friend, reads:

“Julie is one of the sweetest, most down to earth people I know. She would never hurt anyone or anything. She always wants to learn and grow. She always tries being optimistic. So I know she will make it through this like the champion she is.”

According to the page, Julie has made some progress. She has opened her eyes and responded to her name. Hopefully she will make a full recovery and continue her education.


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