A World War II Veteran was burglarized this week and what they stole will have you furious…(VIDEO)


The thieves stole a television, and guns from 90-year-old Bennie Welch. They also took something that was irreplaceable: 3 Purple Hearts along with many other medals. Watch the extremely hard to watch interview and story now:

“It’s something you own, you earned yourself, and I didn’t have a medal back there that I didn’t think I earned.”

“I just sat on the bed and cried, and I don’t cry very much or very easy, but to me, that’s the dirtiest, rottenest stinkin’ thing anyone could ever do to a grown man, especially an old man.”

-Bennie Welch


Ellis County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the burglary now.

We end this story with the heaviest quote from Welch;

“I’m not a wealthy man. I live on a fixed income, and I’d have given them every dime I had if they had just stayed away from my house.”


Courtesy of Q Political

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