Islamic Creep Abdul Alim Groped Sleeping Woman On NYC Subway, But He NEVER Expected What Happened Next

A lady passed out on the N train in Queens, New York, and she woke up to something horrible. It was a Muslim creeper groping her chesticles as she was sleeping.

This is why Donald Trump wants Muslims banned from America.

I don’t know what it is with this religion, but they sure aren’t acting very nice lately. I know there’s perverts from all religions, but for some reason, the Muslims keep doing terrible things to women and it really needs to stop.

There’s no point to grab a girls boob on the train. If you want to grab some tatas, then head over to the nearest strip club and throw down a $20 for a couch dance. It’s cheap and you can rub the breasts all you like.

What’s the point in creeping out some girl who’s probably passed out from a long day at work and just wants to be home in her bed, sleeping off her long day (or night of partying), so she can be productive the next day?

No girl deserves this kind of treatment from Muslims or anyone.

Maybe if the Muslim men allowed their women to dress like normal chicks, and NOT in full blown head to toe garbs, then maybe the Muslim guys wouldn’t do such creepy things.

Damn fella, this is all out creeper alert.

He was arrested and charged with a felony.

Makes that $20 couch dance sound so much better now, right? At that rate, he could’ve gotten a few dances and not be a convicted felon!


NY Post – Police nabbed a creep who groped a sleeping woman on an N train in Queens early Friday, authorities said.

The man, identified as Abdul Alim, 26, was spotted walking between subway cars on the northbound train before he sat down next to the woman, 27, around 3:30 a.m. at the Queensboro Plaza stop, cops said.

Alim allegedly put his hands in and on the victim’s jacket pockets and then grabbed her breast, police said.

Cops on patrol quickly apprehended Alim, who told the officers, “I was just looking for company and intimacy,” police said.

Alim was charged with felony sex abuse, forcible touching, jostling, and violation of local law.

People in America don’t want to experience the mass amounts of gang rape that France and Germany are going through.

If this is what Muslims or refugees will do to a girl when she’s passed out, IN PUBLIC, then what would they next?

We can’t let crimes like this happen, so make sure you report anything you see!

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