Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion clinic has decided that it would join the outrage campaign of solidarity with the Ferguson rioters.

The message was delivered via tweet and the level of irony cannot measured.Before you read the tweet, we just want to remind anyone that has been misinformed about abortion clinics (specifically planned parenthood): Margret Sanger (founder of PP) was a demonic individual who formed the motion to “exterminate the negro population”. And then we get this lovely gem from the “Black Community” portion of PP.

Trust us… wait till you read the tweet…

Planned Parenthood boasted 333,964 abortions in 2012. According to The National Black Pro-life Coalition, about 1,000 black babies are aborted every day in america. In New York alone, about 47% of abortions were preformed on black women. Seriously.

It actually gets worse. In 2012, more abortions were preformed on black women than black children were born.’


Let’s get one thing straight. ABORTION, not the police or any type of law enforcement is the NUMBER ONE KILLER of black people in America. When you add all that up, Planned Parenthood is not an organization who thinks #BlackLivesMatter.

Courtesy of Q political

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