Cops in Abu Dhabi have collared the cloak-wearing woman who stabbed to death an American schoolteacher inside a mallc, and revealed the suspect later planted a bomb outside the home of an American doctor, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

The unidentified woman, dubbed the “Al Reem Ghost” for the abaya and niqab she wore during the brazen Monday murder inside the Reem Island mall, used a butcher knife to stab to death Ibolya Ryan, a kindergarten teacher and mother of three, including two 11-year-old twins.

Paul Ryan, her ex-husband and father to the children, has left his home in Vienna, Austria, and arrived in Abu Dhabi to be with the kids, his mother, Pat Ryan, told the Daily News from her home in the Denver, Colo., area.

“We’re kind of numb, I think,” the children’s grandmother told the Daily News, saying she’d emailed with her son since he arrived in the Middle Eastern country.

Video captures the suspect enter the upscale mall in the country’s capital, then wait 90 minutes before attacking the mom. The black-cloaked woman is seen on surveillance film fleeing the mall as chaos erupts and shoppers run around in terror.

“After committing the ruthless crime at Al Reem Island, the suspect moved to another location later that day to plant a primitive bomb in front of an Arab American doctor’s home — a doctor who has dedicated his life to saving the lives of others,” Interior Minister Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan said at a press conference. “One of his sons discovered the bomb while he was heading to the mosque for the sunset prayer (Magrib). Security forces were able to dismantle the bomb at the right time before it was detonated.”

Newly released video of that scene shows the cloaked suspect walk around while toting a black roller suitcase. Cops say that’s when she placed the bomb on the Egypt American doctor’s doorstep — a primitive explosive composed of “small gas cylinders, a lighter, glue, and nails to cause maximum injuries when detonated,” police said.

Police identified the doctor as a 46-year-old married father of three with the initials “M.H.”

The woman then leaves the apartment complex, in the posh waterfront section of the city called Corniche, with the suitcase and drives off in a white SUV with a UAE flag attached to the back.

Further video released by police shows the raid on the woman’s posh home, where officers discovered other knives, weapons and what appear to be bomb components.

Surveillance footage captured the cloaked suspect wheeling a black suitcase down the street after she allegedly planted a bomb on a doctor's doorstep in Abu Dhabi.

In the video, police also show an SUV, matching one driven by the suspect. Inside, the steering wheel is streaked with dried blood, and contains a black suitcase matching the one the woman carried in the video. The car also contains batteries, knives, bleach, a gas canister and walkie-talkies.

It’s unclear how police tracked the suspect, or what charges she faces. Police have not publicly identified the woman.

The schoolteacher’s death comes a little more than a month after the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi warned of an anonymous threat against teachers that was posted on a Jihadist website.

That threat was only described as encouraging attacks against teachers at American and other international schools in the Middle East.

Ryan was placed in Abu Dhabi by a Canadian-based recruiting company called Footprints Recruiting.

“We await the results of the ongoing police investigation before making conclusion about why this senseless tragedy occurred,” the company said in a statement.

The oil-rich UAE is home to a large population of expatriates, and incidents of terror attacks and crime are low.

Courtesy of NY Daily News

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