According to Twitter, the Big Winner of the Democrat Debate Was… Donald Trump


As Reported by Top Right News:  by Jason DeWitt

According to Twitter, the big winner on social media during the Democratic debate was … Donald Trump?!

The GOP frontrunner took to Twitter last night to live-tweet during the two-hour forum, and during that time, he added 70,000 new followers.

That’s more than all of the Democratic candidates combined.

This impressive outcome shows how Trump is light years ahead of his rivals — and any Democrat — when it comes to reaching the critical online demographic, despite having never run for office before.

Bernie Sanders far outpaced his rivals, adding 46,000 followers, while Hillary Clinton picked up 10,000 and Joe Biden added 3,000 even though he hasn’t entered the race.

Here’s the breakdown (Source: Twitter via FoxNews):


Here’s just some of what Trump had to say during his two hours of tweets, starting with what Twitter said was “the most re-tweeted” of debate night — for a man who wasn’t even on the stage:



He was not alone.



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