Active Duty Soldier says Military Suicides are “All about the f**king Money” (WATCH)


Criticism of the corporate-fueled foreign policy that drives U.S. military action abroad might be de rigueur for those who have never joined the service, but an increasing number of current and former military service members are shunning the propaganda to speak the truth.

“It’s all fucking money. They don’t give a shit about you … it’s all about the fucking money,” said currently enlisted military serviceman, Dylan, in a video rant posted publicly on Facebook.

Anti-Media recently spoke with Dylan, and though he gave explicit permission to use his full name and rank, we’ve opted for a degree of anonymity to shield him from potential repercussions due to his candor.

Dylan’s criticism of the forces driving the military’s various missions specifically concerns the ongoing, massive suicide epidemic among veterans — which, he says, has more to do with Big Pharma’s role in their ‘treatment’ than anything else.

“I’m going to talk a little bit about soldier suicide and why it happens,” Dylan states in the video. “The real reasons behind many of the suicides and the reasons that the Army, the military in general, never seem to want to talk about.” He explains having just been through the laughable excuse of a prevention course on suicides, which service members are required to attend, but says “they don’t talk about the real reasons” behind suicides.

“The reasons these soldiers are killing themselves is because they’re sending them away to unwinnable wars — undeclared wars — and when they get back, what do you do? Oh, you give them five bottles of pills. What do these five bottles of pills have as a side effect? SUICIDE … but no one wants to fucking talk about that in the military,” he said.

As Dylan explains, should a service member be injured while deployed, the military’s simplistic solution amounts to doling out countless pills — essentially ignoring, as well as worsening the epidemic of suicides. Most likely, those prescriptions include various opiates for pain and/or a wide range of antidepressants — which specifically list suicide as a known side-effect.

And it makes sense the military would turn to prescribing these so-called meds to veterans as a simplistic ‘solution,’ Dylan notes, because the military is “in bed with Big Pharma. And the pharmaceutical companies don’t give a shit about you, either.

“It’s all about the fucking money. That’s all it’s ever been about. That’s all any of this is about.”

Via AntiMedia

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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