Active Shooter Opens Fire In Sports Bar, Unfortunately For Him, He Forgot He Was In Texas

This last week a man walked into a sports bar in a town in Texas and killed one innocent bystander by opening fire in the restaurant. The perpetrator was 48 year old James Jones who entered the Zona Caliente Sports Bar ready to go on a rampage, but one person in the bar unexpectedly ended that for him before he expected it to be over. The victim was 38 year old Cesar Perez. When Jones entered the restaurant he started screaming and yelling about Mexicans.

Indicating it might have been a racially charged attack. Jones reportedly was scanning the bar for additional victims who were scared for their life as he wielded two guns and numerous knives. Arlington Police Lieutenant Chris Cook told NBC News the following about the ordeal,

“He definitely had the capacity, if he wanted, to commit further violence and potentially kill other patrons in the business.”

However, he was stopped from hurting anyone further when a gentleman who was eating with his wife had a concealed carry that he whipped out. He reportedly asked his wife to get down and then fatally shot Jones in the back before he was able to hurt anyone else.

The Lieutenant said,

“I don’t think the shooter even knew where the rounds were coming from because he started shooting at the front door. We’re thankful that the good ‘Samaritan’ acted quickly and decisively to end the threat. We never recommend people get involved. That’s a personal decision that a citizen has to make.”

The Good Samaritan chose to remain anonymous and is not seeking any recognition for his actions. He only told reporters that he was overwhelmed and relieved that he was able to stop Jones from hurting or killing anyone else.

This is exactly the reason why people should have full access to and ability to exercise their constitutional God-given second amendment rights. When gun control goes in excess, and people are prohibited from owning firearms, they are less safe. If this Good Samaritan had not stepped in they would likely have more people injured and dead.

Here’s some research on gun control and self-defense the Daily Caller published last year:

“Gun carrying, private citizens who used firearms to stop criminal attacks saved at least 283 potential victims in a period between July 2014 and July 2015, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis.

Of the nearly 200 cases we analyzed, people carrying guns saved at least 283 potential victims, whether it was a man protecting his family from thugs or a 9mm-toting grandma warding off a burglar in her living room.

Most often, when people used guns to defend themselves, it was in the home. Of the 194 cases where location is known, gun owners used firearms to defend the home 114 times. They pulled the trigger in a place of business or in public about 40 times each.”

The map below shows incidents where a person’s life was saved by a person carrying & using a firearm (2011 to present – via

Concealed carry laws are necessary for the safety of individuals. And if someone feels the need to get registered for it and take classes to learn how to use it they have every right to do so. Good for him. More people are alive thanks to his actions.

The war on our second amendment rights is over now that we have a new conservative President running our country and that is not going to change anytime soon. At least not for another four years.

In reference to the Second Amendment, the President just recently said,

“We can’t be complacent. These are dangerous times. These are horrible times for certain, obvious reasons. But we are going to make them great times again. You have a true friend and champion in the White House. No longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. No longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and your freedoms as Americans. Instead, we will work with you, by your side.”

The President is a friend to all firearm owners and the National Rifle Association recognized that when they said,

“We are very pleased. He ran as one of the most unabashed pro-second amendment candidates in my lifetime, and he really has kept his promises and done a lot for people who care about the Second Amendment and the Constitution in his first 100 days.”

It is with his help that people like this Good Samaritan was able to save innocent lives.

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