Activist Plans to Drop 100k Copies of “The Interview” Into North Korea


Seoul, South Korea – A South Korean activist and defector from North Korea is planning on doing something in the near future which is likely going to push North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, over the edge.

As reported by Stars and Stripes, Park Sang-hak plans on releasing large balloons, as soon as the wind direction is correct, that will be carrying pouches containing a total of 100,000 copies of the Sony Entertainment film, “The Interview.”

Activist Park Sang-hak said he will start dropping 100,000 DVDs and USBs with the movie by balloon in North Korea as early as late January. Park, a North Korean defector, said he’s partnering with the U.S.-based non-profit Human Rights Foundation, which is financing the making of the DVDs and USB memory sticks of the movie with Korean subtitles.

“North Korea’s absolute leadership will crumble if the idolization of leader Kim breaks down,” Park said by telephone. (The Huffington Post)

South Korean Activist Plans to Drop 100k Copies of "The Interview" Into North Korea

Park Sang-hak regularly uses balloons to send anti-regime propaganda into North Korea. According to another source, last October the balloons, carrying leaflets, came over the demilitarized zone into North Korea causing the soldiers there to open fire on them, causing quite a tense situation.

If carried out, the move (is) expected to enrage North Korea, which expressed anger over the movie. In October, the country opened fire at giant balloons carrying anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets floated across the border by South Korean activists, trigging an exchange of gunfire with South Korean troops.(Stars and Stripes)

Apparently North Korea has repeatedly demanded that the South Korean government put a stop to the floating of propaganda over the border; however, South Korea refuses to do so based on the freedoms in their country.

Some people aren’t happy with the idea of poking at the despotic regime once again and have even voiced concern that the North Korean citizens may choose not to view the film for fear of retribution from the government, even if they are among the very few that have the equipment on which to view it. As explained by The Huffington Post:

[O]nly a small number of ordinary North Korean citizens are believed to own computers or DVD players. Many North Koreans would not probably risk watching the movie as they know they would get into trouble if caught. Owning a computer requires permission from the government and costs as much as three months’ salary for the average worker, according to South Korean analysts.

Given the obvious agitation that this film has already caused to Kim Jong Un, I can’t imagine having it dropped virtually on his doorstop is going to make him very happy. It could be the very thing that causes this already unstable dictator to retaliate in a violent manner.

What do you think? Is the activist Park Sang-hak right for trying to take a stand against the tyranny in North Korea, or is he just adding more fuel to the fire in terms of North Korean aggression? We’d love to hear your opinion in a comment.

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