Actor Wants Trump Dead So Bad You Won’t Believe What He Just Did To Make It Happen Quickly

The arrogance of Hollywood actors knows no bounds as they feel justified in promoting deadly violence against our president without the expectation that there’s recourse for doing so. It’s been a busy summer so far of celebrities calling for the death of President Donald Trump, but none have gone so far as the most recent actor did last night. He wants Trump assassinated so bad that he took it to the next level to ensure it happened quickly and is now waking up to his worst nightmare this morning.

While actors lie for a living, their actions off the screen of expressing hate for the current President of the United States is real based on their actions to demonstrate their power in persuading people to assassinate Trump. They are so intoxicated on their own entitlement that the criminal act of what they’re actually doing is lost on them nor do they learn from the fallout of others notable names in the business who recently tried to get away with death threats to the president.

It was just a few days ago that Johnney Depp took the podium to promote his new movie, but fantasized about Trump’s demise instead. Before that, comedian Kathy Griffin thought she was funny by pretending to behead Trump, in the same style as terrorists who would be happy to take her out too. Now, 80’s heartthrob John Cusack, who has dropped to D-list status in recent years, seems to be attempting to make himself relevant again by jumping on the assassination bandwagon but went way too far with it and paid a dear price.

Truth Feed reports:

Since the Virginia shooting, celebrities have upped the hateful rhetoric, and have been “blowing dog whistles” for unhinged, angry, and low-info liberals who believe the fake news being pumped out of the lying liberal media.

Recently, B-list actor Johnny Depp issued an assassination threat to President Trump, and after backlash was forced to apologize.

Next up, D-lister John Cusack, who is tweeting out dark images with death threats as a “message for Trump.”

Message for trump” Cusack ominously wrote in a Tweet with a picture of the broadside of a creepy building displaying the projected message “Yer Dead – Get Yerself Buried.”

Although the line comes from a movie, Cusack used it out of context to take on a different meaning which rightfully wasn’t well-received by Trump supporters who called him out on the death threat to the president. This seemingly led to Cusack changing the original message of the post to be directed at the GOP healthcare bill, rather than the Trump himself. However, the comments on the tweet still remain to show the response to the original death to Trump message.

Message to GOP rob health care give tax breaks to rich bill -from sweet smell of success yr soon out of power 🙂,” Cusack’s revised message said, which is ironic, in the least.

Lecturing everyone about the revised healthcare bill, which even if it’s a step up from Barack Obama’s, it’s an improvement and shows Cusack’s divisive ignorance on a matter that has no effect on him. Where was this actor when “Obamacare” was implemented? There was no disdain for that death plan which affected many Americans regardless of political affiliation. This was just a feeble attempt to make a second point and avoid admitting how wrong he was in promoting the assassination of our president.

If you can’t be good at acting and haven’t gotten any worthwhile job in Hollywood since Ronald Reagan was president, at least be a good American. That’s apparently too much for Cusack who wants to use the platform he has left to prompt an immediate assassination of President Trump.

If a civilian had made this public post, there would have been an arrest already. Washed up actors should not be an exception to the law in the violent climate we live in today.These threats and passive-aggressive actions are not innocuous and should be taken seriously, regardless of who you are and what romantic comedy you were in almost 30 years ago.

If there’s anything that the liberal lunatic attack on Congressional members taught us a couple of weeks ago, is that these leftists degenerates can be driven to deadly action by the smallest thing, and are desperately waiting for the opportunity to a martyr for the cause. The baseball game shooter will not be the last attempted killer or presidential assassin as long as the celebrities go unchecked in their threats.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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