Look At The Shocking Ad The NFL Aired After The Game Ended When They Thought Nobody Was Looking!

Everyone was expecting Lady GaGa to get political during her halftime show – and thank God she didn’t. The SuperBowl is one of the few times we as a country can forget about politics for a few hours (except for the liberals who think that the Patriot’s win was an act of white supremacy – yes, these people exist).

There were a few ads that had subtle political undertones. AirBnB released a generic ad on the joys of diversity, while Audi’s ad pushed the mythical gender-wage gap on the public. Another ad began by showing the journey of a Mexican migrant, only to be cut short and for us to be given a website to visit to watch the rest of the ad. Those who visited watched a six minute ad glorifying illegal immigration.

One particular ad showed up way at the end of the game, after the Patriots had won. It featured another group of patriots, and there was a powerful reason why we didn’t see it until the end.

As Allen West’s Michele Hickford reported:

Hyundai’s Super Bowl ad didn’t run until after the final whistle had blown, but it was arguably the most powerful one of the entire night.

The advertisement was made for American soldiers who were unable to be home for the Super Bowl. The minute and a half video captures the true meaning of service members’ sacrifice.

Amazingly, the ad used real moments from the big game, meaning it was capturing and editing footage for the very expensive Super Bowl spot while the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were still battling for the NFL championship.

More importantly, Hyundai made it possible for American soldiers to watch the Super Bowl with the ones they love the most — and that’s better than any multimillion dollar, action-packed spot could ever deliver.


While hardly controversial – this ad is going to do a lot more good for Hyundai than the aforementioned jackasses who used their advertisement to celebrate illegal immigration.

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