WATCH: Admiral Got Standing Ovation For Destroying Colin Kaepernick During Pearl Harbor Speech (VIDEO)

While the controversy surround Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand for the national anthem has diminished in the media over the last month it has not diminished in the minds of those veterans who have served. One admiral who spoke at the Pearl Harbor memorial to commemorate the anniversary of the attacks by Japan compltley called Kaepernick out for his shameful behavior.

Watch here,

During the ceremony United States Pacific Command Commander Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr. swiped at Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. He denounced him for his refusal to stand for the national anthem.

The Admiral said,

“You can be that the men and women that we honor today – and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago – never took a knee and never failed to stand when they heard our national anthem being played.”

Everyone in the crowd immediately came to their feet for a standing ovation and a lengthy round of applause. The admirals comments speak to the sentiments of many people within American who believe that what Kaepernick did was inappropriate.

As an NFL player he has a national stage to influence people. But instead of influencing people for good he did it for bad. As a result of his actions dozens of other NFL players sat down or took a knee during the anthem among other things. It permeated to other sports. As well, videos were released online showing teenage sport games where people took a knee.

Instead of inspiring patriotism and love for ones country he did the exact opposite instilling shame and embarrassment when their was no need. Perhaps if he hates it so much then he should find another country that he wants to live in.

It is nice to know that high ranking military officials have the courage to speak out on this important issue. Because it is from their voices that these statements are the most powerful of all. People listen, and for good reason.

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