Afghan War Veteran Receives Note On Windshield, And No, It’s NOT Friendly


From Mad World: It seems as if recently, people have been going out of their way to thank service members, police, and other uniformed public servants, and why shouldn’t we? They do the jobs that other people aren’t willing to do. But that wasn’t the case with an Afghanistan War veteran when he received a scathing note on his car, and you probably won’t like what it had to say.

TheBlaze reports that Matt Zeller proudly served in Afghanistan for the U.S. military, and now, he’s returned home to continue serving the public with his organization, “No One Left Behind,” which brings foreign translators who worked with American forces back to our country and provides them with the necessities to get on their feet. After Zeller was saved by a translator who shot two Taliban insurgents that had them pinned down, Zeller has made it his personal mission to help the foreign soldiers who help Americans.

Needless to say, Zeller has a big heart and a strong sense of duty, so when he received a nasty note on his car from someone who obviously loathes the military, it took him by surprise. He found the note as he returned to his car in a Safeway parking lot, then posted it to Twitter for others to see.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” the note begins. “You are a murderer if you ‘served’ in Afghanistan.”

The second half of the note is even more disturbing, as its author wished horrible things upon Zeller out of obvious contempt for the role he played overseas.

“I hope you watch your child starve and die in front of you,” the unfriendly note continued. “As you have done to the people of Afghanistan.”

Naturally, Zeller’s followers didn’t take the note too well, and many were quick to point out that the anti-soldier rhetoric from the left, which has been flaring up recently and is reminiscent of the Vietnam era, where returning soldiers were utterly disrespected by tree-hugging hippies. In fact, a similar incident of disrespect took place in Florida over Spring Break, where a group of fraternity members cursed, spit at, and committed other terrible acts against a group of wounded veterans, as Mad World News previously reported.

Personally, I find the complete lack of respect for our soldiers to be disgusting and have to say that whoever wrote this note is a total coward. Anybody can leave an anonymous note and talk like a tough guy when they don’t have to face someone, let’s see how they’d react if they had Zeller standing in front of them.

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