After 2 Cops Were Murdered in Their Café, Panera Makes ANOTHER Sickening Statement!

via MWN: Panera Bread has been proud of their gun-free zones in their cafés since putting the rule in place in 2014. Imagine their shock when a crazed maniac in his 60’s killed two cops at the restaurant this week. Surely this kind of thing is bad for business. Since the slayings, the company has come forward with a stunning announcement.

On Wednesday, officers responded to a call at the Abingdon, Maryland Panera Bread, regarding angry 68-year-old David Evans, who had lost his cool for unspecified reason and caused a disturbance. As Mad World News reported yesterday, the officer walked up to Evans upon arrival and simply asked him, “How was your day?” The suspect was in no mood for pleasantries, answering the question with a single shot to the cop’s head.

A pursuit of the lunatic ensued. Valiant and brave citizens helped officers track down Evans, who shot yet another police officer in the process. The assailant, who announced he was targeting the cops because of his disdain for law enforcement, was eventually killed by two other officers, CBS reported. Rather than defending law enforcement and denouncing the gun-free policy, Panera Bread doubled down on the offense, not just for law enforcement, but the disarmed citizens who tried to help.

Right After 2 Cops Killed In Their Cafe, Panera Makes Sickening Statement

Reaffirming their stance to keep all 1,800+ of their stores filled with unarmed sitting ducks, the restaurant chain is not backing down on their gun-free stance. Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich feels that what happened this week reaffirms their decision made in 2014.

“Within our company, we strive to create Panera Warmth. This warmth means bakery-cafes where customers and associates feel comfortable and welcome,” Shaich said, as reported by “To this end, we ask that guns not be brought into this environment unless carried by an authorized law enforcement officer.”

Anti-gunners continue to put their stupidity on full display. Evans, empowered by the Black Lives Matter movement that fueled his hate for law enforcement, wanted to kill a cop and succeeded with two. As further aggravation to the crime, many people inside wanted and tried to help the officers by assisting the cops in tracking down Evans. Had they too been armed, their personal safety wouldn’t have been at risk and second officer would not have been killed.

Evans was intent on killing anyone in that restaurant, especially a police officer. It was essentially suicide by cop, and no amount of gun control could have stopped this crazy person. Insane killers don’t care about a company’s stance on not carrying guns, except to use it to their advantage, knowing those inside weren’t armed and can’t fight back.

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