After 9-Year-Old Executed By Black Thugs, Here’s His Father’s HORRENDOUS Response


From Mad World: Chicago has been a longtime stain on the nation because of gun violence and illegal weapons, but the most recent case is one you might not be hearing from the mainstream media for one reason in particular. According to reports, an innocent little black boy – age 9 – was executed by thugs, but what makes the whole scenario worse is his own father’s horrendous response.

As Chicago has had its deadliest month recently, it seems that the strictest gun control in the nation isn’t doing a darn thing when it comes to protecting the citizens of the city. Unfortunately, one of the latest people mercilessly killed was none other than 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.

Unfortunately, since his death won’t help push a political narrative, the mainstream media hasn’t quite felt compelled to share his story as widely as others. According to police, Tyshawn was walking down the street when he was lured into an alley by the scum of society – a group of gangbangers.


In quite the heartbreaking moment, the boy was executed and left lying in the street, where they also found the basketball he was frequently seen carrying around town. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy would later refer to the incident as “the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable crime” he had seen in his 35 years in law enforcement.

Police have also noted that they believe the boy was killed on account of his father’s gang ties.

Unfortunately, this story is made exponentially worse after investigators went to meet with Tyshawn’s father, Pierre Stokes, and got quite the horrendous response. According to McCarthy, the gangbanger told police a few words “you can’t say … on TV,” thereby indicating that he didn’t wish to participate in the effort to locate those responsible for killing his son.


This past Thursday though, Stokes found his son’s death relevant enough to use as an excuse in court in order to get a continuance for a felony gun charge he’s facing.

As if that wasn’t enough to make your blood boil, Mad World News reported earlier today that his mother, Karla Lee, spent $17,000 she received in donations for the purpose of paying for her son’s funeral to buy herself a new car. As she explained, walking through the streets and taking the bus was rather dangerous, so this was, in all reality, a move to keep her safe. Too bad no one’s buying it.

Tyshawn Lee

This is just a purely disgusting case where there only needs to be one outcome – those responsible to be apprehended and charged to the fullest extent of the law. However, that isn’t happening as his disgusting excuse for a father is actually hindering the investigation while his mother is living it up, enjoying the spoils of her own son’s death.

Instances such as these prove exactly why gun control does not work. While law-abiding citizens are rendered defenseless, criminals continue to ignore the rules and run around in a state of advantage with illegal firearms. In the process, innocents are murdered, including children, yet leftist politicians continue to argue that this is the route they want our nation to take. How does that make sense?

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