After Bashing Trump For Objectifying Women, Anderson Cooper and Megyn Kelly’s Scandalous Skeletons Crawl Out

Both Megyn Kelly and Anderson Cooper have had there spats in the media with Donald Trump. They have made no effort to show there disdain and disgust for the republican presidential nominee. But who could blame them. Now evidence is arising exposing these two reporters for the hypocrite they really are.

Copper went hard in Trumo at the recent debate over his leaked 2005 video where he was heard degrading women. He has explicitly denounced Trump for objectifying women. Now Cooper is handling a scandal of his own. A new video exposes his blatant hypocrisy.

Watch here,

Megyn Kelly of the Kelly Files on Fox News has no squeaky clean past herself. In fact she appeared in a rather scandalous GQ cover and even had some not so appropriate things to say on Howard Stern. Warning, it has to do with genital sizes. Watch here,

These two have been so incredibly hard on Donald Trump especially for his controversies involving women. They have been the first to jump on the bandwagon of calling Trump out. Yet they have a shady past of their own they cannot deny. Which is a mighty big double standard. They criticize Trump in one hand and then in the other they display similar behavior that they castigated him for participating in.

This is just a prime example of the double standard that exists out here especially when it comes to conservatives. But more importantly it shows how biased the mainstream media is. Even a place like Fox News where Megyn Kelly works. It is absolutely ridiculous. And it is exactly like Trump said, if the media can target him the way they do with his wealth and power just imagine what they can do to an average joe like you and me. It is absolutely embarrassing and shameful.

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