After Blaming Bush Yet Again, a Former Military Officer Has a Blunt Reply for Obama (VIDEO)


How many more times will President Obama blame someone else for his failures? A real leader wouldn’t do this.

In the real world, if a CEO or executive made the excuses that Obama has made and blamed others for his shortfalls, he would be fired on the spot.

(Mad World) After President Obama blamed his predecessor for the rise of ISIS on VICE News, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters couldn’t resist giving it right back to Obama.

Obama recently said that the Islamic State was “a direct outgrowth of al-Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion, which is an example of unintended consequences, which is why we should generally aim before we shoot,” according to Fox News Insider.

Responding as any of us conservatives would — or any American with a brain for that matter — Peter’s speaks the truth, starting off his Obama bashing by saying, “If President Obama developed athlete’s foot, he would blame George W. Bush.”

He goes on to explain that Bush’s administration made mistakes, but he never repeated the same mistakes throughout his term. Pointing out the obvious flaw in Obama’s statement, Peters explains, “A fundamental problem […] is that President Obama is just not manly.” Instead of admitting that he’s made mistakes, Obama is blaming his predecessor for everything that goes wrong. It’s been six years now, and whatever ramifications come Obama’s way should clearly be Obama’s fault.

According to the Political Insider, Peters added that Obama has “never really had a job in his life,” has no concept of a “hard reality,” and has been shaped by hard left-wing ideologues “from the cradle up.”

It’s a shame that our Commander-In-Chief isn’t manly enough to take accountability for his own actions. Instead, he’s acting like he’s in grade school and pointing the finger to anyone but himself. It’s pathetic — as is Obama. Maybe we should just be blaming Bush for Obama’s lack of manliness, too. That’s what Obama would do.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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