Obama and Liberals Are PISSED After Chicago Police Chief Blame This One Group For Chicago’s Murder CRISIS!

This past Sunday on 60 Minutes the Chicago Police Department was blamed for the increase in gun violence and the cities increased murder rate. The show aired a segment of investigative journalism called, “Crisis in Chicago.”

It shows and follows the drastic increase in murder in Chicago, Illinois in 2016. It went on to describe the city as more of a war zone than an urban inner city. Over the past year Chicago has had 762 murders and 1,400 people were shot at various times throughout the year. The segment described the police as, “an agency on its heels.”

It was CBS correspondent Bill Whitaker who did the segment. Whitaker blamed the police for the rise in murder. He used statistics from the Chicago Police Department to prove his M point. It compared police levels between 2015 and 2016. Showing that in August 2015 a total of 49,257 people were stopped as a result of pro active policing measures. The next year there was an eight percent decline of 8,859.

Whitaker interviewed Brian Warner, a former police officer who retired in 2011 because of a gunshot wound he received on duty. Whitaker dis everything in his power to belittle the man. He chastised the police officer for not being proactive to which he responded that police officers shouldn’t be expected too.

What he journalist failed to mention was that organizations like Black Lives Matter and the ACLU have tried to stifle proactive policing measures. In response to the ACLU’s push to have a officer write a two page report for every person they stop Whitaker responded with the following,

It doesn’t seem that filling out a two page report is that onerous.”

To which the Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy explained that less officers are left to be in the streets when they are tied up in paperwork. As officers usually take an hour to two hours to fill out the paperwork.

It is very clear that CBS is just another mainstream media outlet looking to blame the people who protect the city for the crime that exists. You shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. Or in this case protects you.

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