After Cop Does Good Deed, THUG Writes ‘Kill That Pig’ On Social Media—Police Respond Epically!

A police officer in Detroit, Michigan was caught on video camera doing a good deed. You would think people would applaud his efforts and the video would go viral. But not in this case. In this case no good deed goes unpunished. A police officer used her off duty time to buy school supplies for a little girl who is poor. When the video hit Facebook people praised her.

Online Idiot Calls For White 'Barbie' Cop's Death, Gets Nasty Karma Instead


However, some people criticized the police officer. Most being people who she had arrested. WJBK-TV reported Assistanr Chief Steve Dolunt saying,

She’s a well-known officer in the 11th precinct. She wears plain clothes, she’s made a lot of arrests, and some people don’t like to get arrested.”

One comment went too far though. A user named “Gee Ross” wrote “kill that pig” on Sunday night on the comment section of the post. The police department did not take kindly to that and took action immediately.

Dolunt wrote,

You want to threaten one of my people, then guess what? It’s time to pay the piper.”

The department was able to track “Gee Ross” within twenty four hours with hEli from federal law enforcement authorities. They arrested the man and threw him in jail awaiting arraignment. Dolunt said,

If it’s a threat against police, they should call us. Actually if it’s a threat against anyone, we should be notified.”

Dolunt made sure to let everyone know by telling the media that such threats in the future would not be tolerated in the least bit. He said,

We have rights, too, we have families too. And if you want to put it out there that you want to kill us, we’ll we’re going to lock you up. I don’t want to kill you, I want to lock you up.”


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