After Horrible Shooting at Ohio State University, Trump Issues Powerful Response! (MUST SEE)

For the first time in a while a shooting has taken place on a college campus yet again. This time at Ohio State University. A gunman opened fire on campus students. Unlike the current administration President Elect Trump had words of consolation and prayer for the victims and those involved as well as first responders.

President Elect Trump’s response was classy, dignified and respectful and gave respect to those who most deserved it in this tragic scenario. Unlike President Obama who nobody has heard a peep from. Only time will tell when and if President Obama comments on the shooting.

See what he said here on his Twitter page,


Not much is known about the assailant but we do know that he is a Muslim Somali refugee who used almost identical tactics as the shooters and bombers of ISIS in France as well as other parts of Europe this past year. Specifically, he used a vehicle as his primary weapon.

Ohio State University is a gun free zone. Which destroys President Obama’s narrative that gun free zones will decrease the level of gun violence a specific area sees. This is likely the reason he and his press secretary have not commented on the tragic events yet. Just look at Chicago, one of the largest gun controlled areas in the country yet also one of the most violent.

This is also a perfect example of how President Obama’s refugee program is not working. But instead is allowing terrorists of ISIS infiltrate the refugee camps and pervade our society. Which in the long run leads to deaths due to terrorist attacks.

The official number of fatalities is unknown and the facts are still coming in as we speak. More details will likely emerge as investigators figure more out about the motivation behind the attack and the information about each one of the victims.

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