After Muslim Throws Wife From 6th Story, Liberal Court Gives Him Sick “Gift”


From Mad World: A scorned Muslim man casually carried his innocent bride over to the balcony of his sixth floor apartment, carelessly hurling her over the edge to the pavement 60 feet below. However, it’s what a leftist judge did at his appeal trial that has us utterly shocked.

In February 2013, Syrian migrant Bobel Nahir Barqasho, 31, tossed his then-wife from a balcony in Södertälje, watching her hit the snow-covered ground far below. Fortunately, the woman survived, but she serves a life sentence in a wheelchair, courtesy of her husband.

The Swedish District Court sentenced Barqasho for attempted murder, but his verdict was hastily appealed and acquitted by a divided Court of Appeals, according toExponerat.

Luckily, the Supreme Court re-evaluated his case over two years later, sentencing Barqasho to 14 years in prison and $40,000 in damages to the victim, the Free Timesreports.

However, since the leftist Court of Appeals had released Barqasho after the failed murder of his wife, the Muslim migrant has fled Sweden, and police have been unable to track him down.

After Muslim Throws Wife From 6th Story, Liberal Court Gives Him Sick "Gift"

Because of the leftist agenda under the guise of “multiculturalism,” this dangerous man is free to attempt murder again, perhaps succeeding this time. With the mass importation of Muslim migrants, this abuse of justice is becoming very common in Sweden.

Mad World News previously reported on the appalling sentencing of three Muslim child rapists, with one receiving community service and the other two each receiving less than two years in prison.

Another report details how the Swedish Migration Board attempted to cover up the rape of a toddler by a 40-year-old Muslim refugee. To protect their liberal agenda, the board lied to police and hid the child rapist. Fortunately, the pedophile was found and arrested.

Yet another report reveals that a leftist judge acquitted the Muslim gang rapists of a 15-year-old girl. The illegal immigrants took turns raping the child, only to have the judge place the blame on the child victim for her own rape.

Sweden has bowed to the rapists and abusers of their own women and children, changing Swedish law to support this backwards ideology. Just last month, Sweden rewrote legislation to allow Muslim immigrants to their country to remain legally married to their child brides.

Nearly half of all rapes in Sweden are committed by the Muslim immigrants they’re importing, although they make up less than 5 percent of the population. Leftists are demanding open borders, while their progressive justice system is turning a blind eye to these sickening crimes.

Multiculturalism has fundamentally changed Sweden forever — but not in the way it was hoping. Because of Sweden’s leftist policies, they are predicted to be a third world country by 2030, dropping below the universal ranking of Mexico, Cuba, and Bulgaria in just 15 years.

If there’s one thing we can learn from the once vibrant European country, it’s that liberalism, just like socialism, doesn’t work anywhere. If you import the third world, you’re inevitably going to become a third world country yourself.

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