Police Chief Allows Trump Supporters To Be Attacked, Real Identity EXPOSED!

The San Jose police department has received massive scrutiny over the allegation they have allowed protestors to violently attack Trump supporters. Police chief Eddie Garcia has vociferously denied these allegations. Because, of course! He isn’t going to admit his blatant conflict of interest.

Mayor Sam Liccardo insinuated on radio talk shows that Trump was at fault for inciting the riots and protestors. Videos from the protests show Trump detractors throwing punches, water bottles, and cones at Trump supporters. Few videos showed unprovoked attacks on Trump supporters while others showed Trump supporters ripping up protestors signs.

Only four arrests were made at the San Jose rally. Eddie Garcia insisted maintaining the skirmish line was more important than handling individual protestor situations gone awry.

Garcia told reporters, “We are not an ‘occupying force’ and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of the protesters.” He said that officers held back in order to not agitate the violence any further. Furthermore, he mentioned that officers would only get involved should a persons life be in peril. According to Garcia the 250 officers couldn’t handle the 400 protestors making management difficult.

The police chief is affiliated with the La Raza organization. It’s known to endorse policy hat is defined as very far to the left of the political spectrum. As well, it’s a large Latino advocacy group in favor of progressive immigration reform that paves a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Considering Trump’s controversial comments on Latinos and Mexicans it’s not a far reach to wonder if Garcia’s lack of support for Trump supporters that were attacked is connected with his Hispanic charitable work. The police are supposed to be there to protect us in cases where we are put in danger. If we cannot even trust our police departments who exactly do we have left to trust?

BREAKING: Police Chief’s Real ID Found Out After Allowing Trump Fans to Be Beaten

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