After Taking Credit For Ending Iraq War, Obama Sends Special Ops Back To Iraq


President Obama has once again stuck his foot in his mouth, so he needed to hold a press conference to reassure Americans that he has just learned about these events in the news and has had no control over what happened.  As a severely wounded veteran who gave 3 limbs for Iraqi’s to have their freedom it disgusts me immensely to see our alleged Commander in Chief constantly shift blame and never have accountability for his failure to lead.

From HotAir:


When asked if he regretted not securing a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq in 2011 which would have left a residual American troop presence behind to secure the fragile peace won following the 2007 troop “surge,” Obama didn’t answer the question. Instead, he insisted that a SOFA was beyond his administration’s control. 

“Keep in mind, that wasn’t a decision made by me. That was a decision made by the Iraqi government,” Obama said. Noting that the U.S. offered to leave behind a “modest” troop presence, he noted that Maliki’s government refused to extend legal immunity to American troops.


YES President Obama YOU DID take credit for ENDING (not) the war in Iraq!

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