After Vegas Oddsmaker Drop BOMBSHELL on Election Day Trump Is Running Around CRAZY!

Election Day is finally here. It’s the day where all the cards and the tricks have been played. Everything is on the field. There is not much to do but wait. A Las Vegas, Nevada oddsmaker hypothesizes a Brexit style win for Donald Trump. It is a prediction he has not wavered in for a long time even when tenured experts and polls indicated he would lose and showed him behind about thirteen points.

Now he is labeling Trump’s potential victory as Trexit. An obvious pun and spin off the name Brexit which references Great Britain’s referendum to decide to leave the European Union. The Las Vegas man is Wayne Allyn Root.

He recently appeared at a Trump rally that had over 10,000 attendees. Root reportedly told Trump,

“Here’s my prediction…You will win by a 10-point landslide…but Democrats cheat by 8 points…so the final official election results will show you won by 2.”

Root insisted that his prediction was predicated on a few things. Those of which are the following, Brexit, Goldman Sachs and what he labels the angry white electorate. When Wall Street companies attempted to push the idea that this was not Brexit it made him think it was even more. His theory is that when DC, Wall Street, Congress etch deny anything then it in all likelihood is true.

He also noted a 34-32 victory for Trump as predicted by high school students in Minnesota which is ultra liberal. Seemingly showing that even liberal states are turning red for this unprecedented election.

Many have predicted someone similar arguing that a silent majority of angry white Americans will go to the polls and vote Trump but not say anything about it in public. Which could quite possible be a reality.

It all comes down to the numbers and for sure we will know the answer tonight.

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