AG Lynch Makes Stunning Announcement About Hillary Email Investigation Right After Meeting With Bill

At this point it couldn’t be any more obvious that Hillary Clinton will walk free form the FBI investigation into her.

I’ve been thinking this from day one. The woman has escaped unscathed (legally) from hundreds of scandals in the past – are we really supposed to think that anything would change in this one? Bernie Sanders seemed convinced that there was a potential indictment – hence him remaining in the race for so long, but leave it to the socialism to have more faith in government than the rest of us.

Loretta Lynch recently had a private meeting with Bill Clinton, and that fueled even more speculation that she’s going to walk off without an indictment. For anyone unaware, whether or not Hillary Clinton will face criminal charges is completely up to Lynch. Despite the meeting, she wants us to believe that the subject of Hillary’s emails never came up.

Townhall reports:

After a firestorm of criticism on both the left and right for her secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton during an ongoing Justice Department investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, Attorney General Loretta Lynch will announce Friday that she’ll step aside and let non-political subordinates decide whether to bring charges against the former secretary of state.

“Determinations as to whether to charge any individual, as well as the findings of the investigation, will be made by career prosecutors and investigators who have been handling this matter since its inception,” a Justice Department official told Fox News.

The source said Lynch will accept the determinations and findings of non-political appointees as well as FBI investigators and FBI Director James Comey. It is up to the FBI to recommend to prosecutors whether to bring charges, but no timetable has been announced. Despite the approach of the Democratic National Convention, Comey has said the priority is to be thorough and fair.

Critics, including Republicans and some Democrats, said the meeting compromised the independence of the ongoing FBI investigation.

Of course, while she says she’ll do whatever the FBI recommends, I’m sure they won’t recommend criminal charges. If she was a Republican on the other hand, I’m not so sure the decision would be the same…

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