Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed Goes to Mecca, Continues Pushing U.S. Islamophobia Narrative

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From Young Cons: Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed is once again in the news — did he ever really leave? — this time for making a trip to Mecca, where he continues to push the “America is Islamophobic” narrative, milking his 15 minutes of fame for all they’re worth.

This, my friends, is now what it takes to be successful in America.

Disgusting, isn’t it?

From Breitbart:

“Clock boy” Ahmed Mohamed made it to Mecca Friday for umrah, the Arabic word for pilgrimage, the portion of his Middle Eastern tour sponsored by the Saudi government. The trip also included the 14-year-old’s parents and other relatives, including one uncle who pushed the Islamophobia narrative.

The uncle, identified by Arab News as Moussa Al-Hassan, asserted: “The ordinary American citizen lives in a state of fear of Arabs because of the American media’s portrayal of him as an extremist terrorist.”

At King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah on Friday morning, Ahmed thanked the Saudi government for its invitation “to visit the Kingdom to perform Umrah and meet his relatives,” according to Ummid, an Indian news organization. Ahmed recycled a comment made to American news outlets, telling Middle Eastern reporters: “It was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it and I got arrested.” He meant his English teacher who became alarmed when the plugged in unconventional looking homemade clock experiment started to beep in her class.

Ummid editorialized: “Local police insisted that Mohammed’s ethnicity had nothing to do with the decision to arrest him on suspicion of bringing a hoax bomb to school.” Breitbart Texas reported the arrest resulted out of federal and state safe school acts plus district Student Code of Conduct zero tolerance policies, not racism or Islamophobia.

Mohamed is the 14-year-old Sudanese immigrant who brought a homemade suitcase clock into a suburban Dallas high school. The unassigned project, a 120 volt mass of circuitry and wires crafted from a commercially dissembled clock, resembled a “hoax bomb,” prompting the teen’s arrest. Although no charges were filed, MacArthur High School suspended him for three days after which the family withdrew from the Irving Independent School District.

Ahmed also filmed a promotional video to come meet “the clockmaker” at the Islamophobia touting Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Oct. 17 “Champions for Justice” 21stAnniversary banquet held in Arlington, VA.

Every time I hear this kid talk about his “invention” or calling himself a “clockmaker” I can literally feel the steam rolling out of my ear canals.

Mohammed didn’t invent squat. He ripped the guts out of a digital clock and dropped them in a $10 pencil case, then proceeded to tie the sucker shut with a cord.

It blows my mind how the media is foolishly sticking to this ridiculous narrative, despite it being blown to bits — no pun intended — and clearly disproven by numerous tech geeks the planet over.

Islamists and liberal media outlets are using this junk to turn Ahmed into some sort of Islamic “civil rights” spokesman in order to push their agenda far and wide.

Unfortunately, since liberals are scrambling to desperately turn Muslims into a new minority voter block and add them to the Democratic Party, they refuse to call these charlatans out for their actions, choosing to continue their sick and pathetic pandering instead.

It’s enough to make you scream.

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