Air Force Generals Drop DEVASTATING News About What Obama Destroyed Of Theirs Over The Last 8 Years

The year was 2014 and not even 75% of the Air Force helicopters and airplanes were unable to be used in a mission if needed. They were not deployable for action and there doesn’t seem to have been much interest in reviving the aircraft for anything useful. If you wanted an Air Force that had less than 3/4 of their fleet available for missions, war, rescues, etc – then this was it. More than 25% of these aircraft would’ve been better suited for sitting in a museum.

Was there any interest from the Obama administration to repair and get them back in the air? I can’t recall. Can you? Some of the aircraft were aging and probably had older technology than your grandmothers 87 Chevy Celebrity, but that’s not the point. Those aircraft could’ve probably been upgraded or replaced. Old falling apart machines should always be well oiled and taken care of, especially if they’re part of the USA military.

Mission-capable rates for Air Force helicopters and airplanes were at nearly 74 percent in 2014. In 2015, the rate dropped to 73 percent, and in 2016 the rate dropped to 72 percent.
“Our highest investment priority is in improving readiness,” acting Air Force Secretary Lisa Disbrow said March 3 at the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Florida. “The aircraft we have on the ramp are too old. We need to revitalize the fleet.”

The declining aircraft readiness rate can also be attributed to a shortage of experienced maintenance airmen to fix aircraft, although the Air Force wants to make its goal to eliminate that shortfall by the end of 2019.

Why did the Air Force have a shortage of maintenance airmen? Was there no funding for the defense of our country and keeping our military vehicles and weaponry in top notch condition? If I recall correctly, Obama’s administration wasn’t exactly the most vocal force in terms of military strength and keeping the country ready for any situation possible.

I believe our Air Force, even if they reach 75% readiness, is still a massive power to be reckoned with. However, you should always want your military forces at 100% strength. Our 75% might be stronger than most people’s 100%, but I would still prefer to be in full beast mode if our Air Force is ever needed.

It’s a shame that the former President Obama wasn’t really interested in the military. If he took care of that, then we wouldn’t have to worry about it as much now.

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