Air Force Master Sergeant Causes Major Disruption At NHL Hockey Game (VIDEO)


On Thursday, the Tampa Bay Lightning played the Detroit Redwings at home, and the game had been going along like any other until an Air Force veteran walked out onto the ice.

Master Sgt. Chris McKeen has been in the service for 20 years, had numerous deployments, and wasn’t due back home again for another couple of days. However, his wife, Christie, decided to arrange a surprise homecoming for their children.

McKeen had just returned from South Korea, and while the entire arena was distracted by the team’s “impossible shot” during halftime, he appeared out of nowhere to reunite with his family. Their kids were so shocked he was home that his daughter actually fell to her knees in tears before charging across the ice and nearly tackling him as the crowd erupted.

Air Force Master Sergeant Causes Major Disruption At NHL Hockey Game

What’s sad is so many people don’t realize the struggles that those serving and their families face while they’re deployed. Videos like this provide an excellent glimpse into their lives, and show us just how much their loved ones are missed.

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—Courtesy of Mad World News

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