The Air France Fake Bomb – Plane Left Former French Colony Teeming With ISIS Supporters

Air France 777

By Jeff Rainforth

Edit: After following (and researching) this story into the early morning, initial reports from news media & foreign officials about a bomb were apparently false. It was a “fake bomb.” The research below still stands. The Air France 777 took off from the island nation of Mauritius en route to Paris. Mauritius is chock-full of Sunni Muslims, many of whom are adherents to Wahhabism. Wahhabism is basically the brand of Islam that says; “If you don’t believe what we do, we’re going to kill you.” ISIS is a militant, terrorist organization that promotes Sunni Wahhabism. Enough said? I think so. I’ll leave the initial research up as it’s solid (and also because I’m too tired to change any of the story about the bomb, now). Happy reading. If the current news reports are true, this was a test run by ISIS, to see how we would react. Next time it will be the real deal.


Pilots of an Air France Boeing 777 requested an emergency landing in Mombasa, Kenya after a suspected bomb was found in the lavatory.
The 777 was en route to Paris from the island nation of Mauritius, a former French colony in the Indian Ocean. There were almost 500 passengers and crew aboard.

Mauritius boasts a large population of Sunni Muslims, many of which are adherents to Wahhabism, the branch of Sunni Islam which the terror group ISIS promotes.

Passengers of the Air France 777 which made an emergency landing being evacuated in Kenya
Passengers of the Air France 777 which made an emergency landing being evacuated in Kenya

Mombasa Police Spokesman Charles Owino noted that all passengers and crew were evacuated safely. Bomb experts are examining the device.

According to Mauritius’ Central Statistics Office, 17% of the island nation’s citizens practice Islam.

A study released by Sheik Mohammad Yasser notes that about 95% of Mauritian citizens who practice Islam are of the Sunni denomination, and that many are devotees of the ultraconservative Wahhabist branch which the European Parliament has identified as the root of global terrorism.

Members of the terror group “ISIS” are adherents of Sunni Wahhabism. Wahhabism is also the state religion of Sunni Saudi Arabia. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia came about largely in part due to an alliance between the founder of Wahhabism, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and Muhammad ibn Saud, the founder of the Saudi dynasty.

Sheik Yasser’s study, Islam in Mauritius, notes that Sunni Wahhabists were brought to the island by Saudi religious authorities in the 60s and 70s.

Yasser’s report also states that Muslims in Mauritius have long wanted to “incorporate” Shariah law, or “Muslim Personal Law” into Mauritian Law, but the government was “too slow to move on their request.”

The attempted bombing comes on the heels of ISIS’ attack on Paris in November which claimed the lives of 130 innocent civilians, and the ISIS inspired attack which killed 14 in San Bernardino, California. France responded to the Paris attacks with massive aerial bombings against ISIS targets in Syria.

While the Obama administration has yet to respond militarily to the San Bernardino attack, Americans have made their displeasure with Islamic terror known by firebombing mosques in California.

Had ISIS’s attempt to bomb the Air France 777 been successful, it would have resulted in the largest loss of life due to Islamic terror since 9-11, when almost 3000 American lives were taken.

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