Air Strike the hell out of ISIS; Victory

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There are over 100 different organized Islamic tribes in Iraq. After a war between Shiite militias and Al-Qaeda affiliated Sunni tribes in 2008, the Bush Administration successfully dismantled Al-Qaeda by recruiting Sunni tribal members to fight alongside the Iraqi security forces. American led training of the Iraqi security forces, recruiting operations of Sunni tribes, brought stability in 2008.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW), headquartered in Washington, DC, labeled ISIS a militia who are a minimal threat to Iraq’s stability. Earlier this year, Obama believed ISIS were not a threat to Iraq at all. This created the Iraq takeover. Politicians in DC did not view ISIS as a terrorist organization. Despite previous successful operations in 2008, these same recruited Sunni tribes went full jihad again. This happened because Iraq’s government Shiite policies were popular. Sunni tribes had enough. They wanted oppression for women and their favorite sport of stoning innocent people to death to become relevant again.

United States Army Intelligence warned about ISIS being a far greater threat, in comparison to what the White House portrayed them to be. Obama’s understanding of guerrilla warfare came from Chicago community organizing. This is why Generals are supposed to run wars instead of politicians.

American Special Forces are on their way to train Iraq’s security forces. The right decision would be massive air strikes, followed by massive drilling. It’s time to colonize. Return on investment must only be a term used by business champions.

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