AIR SUPERIORITY: Video Shows AC-130 Lighting Up Fleeing Terrorists at Night


If you’re a terrorist there are probably few things more frightening than being hunted, at night, by an AC-130 Gunship.

In this video we see a group of terrorists moving through a wooded area, desperately trying to find some cover.

Unfortunately, there is very little natural cover from the 130’s M102 Howitzer 105mm cannon being used with airburst rounds.

According to Wikipedia:

The M102 is also used on the USAF’s Lockheed AC-130 gunship. The M102 105 mm cannon was modified to be fired from the left rear side door of the AC-130 gunship aircraft. To accommodate this cannon, the rear side-firing 40 mm guns was replaced by the radome that formerly had been installed in the door cavity. That change provided enough space for the 105 mm gun to be mounted in the doorway in place of the radome. The gun was first used in the later stages of the Vietnam War and is still used in the AC-130U gunship.

The latest AC-130J Ghostrider gunship was not originally planned to include the 105 mm, but designed with enough spare power and room to mount it at some later point. The Air Force decided to include it in January 2015, starting installation on the third aircraft, then having the first two be retrofitted when guns become available; M102s will be pulled off retiring AC-130Us and put into the AC-130Js.

This mission was reportedly carried out by the USAF 27th Special Operations Wing.
—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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