VIDEO: Airmen Save Elderly Woman From Raging Waters


In Las Vegas Nevada an elderly woman found herself trapped inside her car with raging flood waters over taking the vehicle, several US Airmen witnessed the elderly woman in distress and sprung into rescue mode, saving the woman from near death.

Doug Bennett says he was about 30 miles north of Las Vegas on Monday afternoon when water started flowing over U.S. 95. Bennett says a Ford sedan and a Prius were stuck in the mud of a median when a wall of water drew near.

Bennett’s video shows him screaming for people to get out of the way as the two vehicles float downstream.

He says a group of U.S. Air Force personnel pulled an elderly woman out of the Prius seconds before it was swept away.

The vehicle ended up split open and upside down in a culvert. Southern Nevada is experiencing monsoon season, when summer rains can quickly lead to dangerous flash floods.

Excerpted via Star Tribune

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