Al Jazeera English Facebook Page: Muslim Readers Support Attack and Pandering to Muslims


More truth from the “moderates”:Thanks to Christian

  • Drsyed Ahmad so western jewish run media has to relate various incidents to this tragedy to prove its relation to muslims….. is it a new false flag like 9/11 n actually executed n funded by mossad??? m jst askin a question. france shouldnt pay any price for the support it provided to muslim palestine in UNSC against jews??? we dont know its answer,perhaps the mossad knows,right??? its jst a question
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  • Mohammed Azaz Afzal Islam teaches peace and harmony not violence, even our beloved Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) taught us the same.
  • Mohsin Ali These kind of journalists create hate in the minds of people standing behind the shelter of freedom of speech which comes the result like this.
    I never see a muslim journalist making cartoon of any of the holly personality relating to any of the religion!!!
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  • Nur Al-din Tobutt-Somers Re-printing those cartoons was pure provocation and nothing to do with freedom of speech. Few condone these killings for killing one person is no different from killing everybody. However people in so-called western democracies must learn some respect for the feelings of others and that even freedom of speech has its limits beyond which you DO NOT GO. If you play with fire you will get burnt!
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  • Martin F. Andersen what kind of a moron was in charge of this ‘paper’ without having any serious building security – to not know that when you mock islam, you attract some serious brainwashed types.
    • 16 Replies · about an hour ago
  • Jack Francis III Zionist have once again orchestrated and done this…..just to blame Muslims again…I’m not fooled at all …..thus wake up people.
    • 17 Replies · 3 hours ago
  • Kurt Kaletka Héros assassinés par une poignée d’animaux barbares. Ceux qui tuent au nom de sa foi sont les vrais ennemis de la civilisation.See Translation
  • Tiara France accepted Palestine’s revolution in the UN. yeah, there’s someone was not like it
    • 6 Replies · 4 hours ago
  • Prince Zacky let us think big.France is a highly secured country and its not possible for muslim extremists to go there and attack with big guns and rocket propellers.FRANCE HAS RECENTLY ALLOWED PALESTINE RESOLUTION IN THE UN.THERE MUST BE SOMEONE WHO DID NOT LIKE IT AND did this to make pple of france to hate muslims.THIS IS DONE BY JEWISH MOSSAD
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  • Samir Khalid Anyone can scream and say God is Great the real deal is who will be fooled so easily .. this incident is preplanned as it can be seen just to blame muslim countrys and muslims around the world … and even if this was an attack by a muslim person they See More
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  • Brett Williams Funny to see all the followers of the “religion of peace” defend these savages killing over an illustration
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  • Jehan Idris Abdullah I am a proud muslim!
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  • Abdiye Mahamed Freedom of speech is gaurenteed as long as you are not crossing the borders of any ones’ right. Example, You can not scandal my mother and claim, that you have the right of “freedom of speech”.
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  • Ann Shah Ariffin They should have not insulted and made fun of a religion’s Prophet at the very first place. It was a provocative act and purposedly to challenge the billions of its believers. I believed they were truly aware of the consequences but they still continued to insult and made dumb jokes on religions and prophets. It is a stupidest job ever.
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  • Minhaj Adan I don’t justify killings but the west killed more humans than everybody else in this world. They invade Africa, Asia and america. They kill millions and still they r killing but nobody knows coz they control de media.

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