Wondering what the tax cheat constituency thinks about the St. Louis Rams entering the stadium with their hands raised in support of Michael Brown?

We have your answer.

Al Sharpton, who reportedly owes millions in unpaid taxes, believes that all professional athletes should “take a stance” regarding the exoneration of former Ferguson, Mo., Police officer Darren Wilson by a grand jury in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Asked by a TMZ reporter — who first wanted to know from Sharpton whether Brad Pitt should weigh in on Ferguson, in true TMZ fashion — what he thought of the protest, Sharpton surprised no one by expressing his support for them.

“I think they had a right to do it. It was much appreciated,” he said. “I respect and admire them, and I think to criticize people for expressing themselves is against what America should be about.”

“Should more sports players start taking a stance like that?” the reporter wanted to know.

“I think all of them should, because they all could have members of their family or themselves become victims,” Sharpton said.

Watch the brief interview here, courtesy of The Daily Caller:

I’ll say this for Sharpton — he’s consistent.

But the famous race hustler has overlooked a very important fact.

Practically every NFL player did, in fact, weigh in on the grand jury decision on Sunday.

Four or five of them did so by raising their hands in a “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture based on the now completely debunked idea that Michael Brown was shot while his hands were raised.

The other 1,500 or so who played that day demonstrated that they either supported the grand jury decision or at least were ready to move on by not participating in such an ignorant protest.

Hey, if President Obama can claim to have heard the voices of those who neglected to votein the 2014 midterm elections, than this logic seems perfectly reasonable.

So, there you go, Al. One hundred percent participation by the NFL, mostly against your side.

Courtesy of the Conservative Tribune 

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