Al Sharpton Caught On Hot Mic Calling For Blacks To Murder Police Officers (VIDEO)

I’ve seen this video before, but it is damning proof that Al Sharpton is and always has been a racist who hates police officers. If there is a protest or a black person killed, you can bet Sharpton will show up, ranting, raving and hogging the spotlight.

A video that was featured on Watter’s World, showcases what a monstrous racist Sharpton was even back in 1992. This is just one of his many, many hateful racial rants that he has put forth over the years. This particular scree was in New Jersey at Kean College.

Do you think for even a moment, if a white guy got up there and called for the killing of all black people, that he wouldn’t wind up in jail? Screams of ‘hate crime!’ would be rampant. But Al Sharpton has gotten away with it for decades.

From LEO Affairs:

A video recently surfaced of Al Sharpton speaking at Kean University in New Jersey in 1992.

During the video, Sharpton calls for listeners to take action, and that protesting and marching isn’t enough – that if you believe in “offing the pigs,” then you should do it, and not just talk about it.

Sharpton’s comments are eerily similar to those made by Gavin Long calling for bloodshed just days before he shot 6 police officers on Sunday, killing 3 of them.

Sharpton blusters: “I don’t believe in marching! I believe in offing the pigs! Well they got pigs out here! You ain’t offed one of them. What I believe in I do. You do what you believe in, or shut up and admit you’ve lost your guts.” In other words, if you believe you are being discriminated against, you’ll go out and kill cops… unless of course, you are a coward.

Sharpton is Obama’s right hand man. He’s been aggressively courted and consulted by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. He hates police and all white people. He’s a violent antagonist that should not be given any credibility. Since he has gained power, his tone has gone somewhat softer, but he hasn’t changed at all. His hate has just been validated.

Sharpton now gives lip service to condemning those who kill police officers. The man is a huckster and an opportunist. He doesn’t mean anything he says. It’s all a ploy to make him legitimate. But unfortunately for Sharpton, there is plenty of video and transcripts out there showing just how racist and hateful he is. This video is yet more proof that militant racists have been pushing for the assassination of cops for a long time and want a race war. That’s the Reverend Al for you… a shifty, money grabbing, racist who is just full of hate.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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