Race Pimp Al Sharpton Complains That Donald Trump Is ‘Playing To A Racial Element’

Al Sharpton has made some comments about Donald Trump that has people talking. At a recent event Sharpton complained that Trump is playing a “racial element” in the Presidential campaigns. When asked if he believed Donald Trump was a racist he responded.

“The issue is not whether Mr. Trump is racist or not. I think the issue is whether he is playing to a racial climate and in some cases exacerbating it, and I’ve said publicly and I’ve said to him that I think a lot of what he is saying and a lot of what he is doing is certainly playing to a race element. I think that is unhealthy and I think that is something that is beneath what the American electorate needs to be facing in the 2016 election. Whether he’s personally a racist or whether he’s playing a role to get votes, I have no idea. The effect is certainly,” stated Sharpton.

Sharpton referenced a meeting he had with Trump over the the controversy surrounding the Presidents birth certificate. “I got into a long dialogue where I said I felt that it plays to racial elements — the president is other than us — and I felt that it was certainly race-tinged. He said, ‘well, you called me a racist.’ I said, ‘I never called you a racist. I said what you are doing is racial.’ This was our meeting on the birther situation,” said Sharpton.

He went on, “I think it would be interesting, though, since the subject matter today is corporations to see whether he has blacks or browns on the board or in senior management of any of his companies,” maintained Sharpton.

Sharpton demanded that Trump release the names of African Americans he employs. However, even if Trump were to do so it wouldn’t prove anything.

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