Al Sharpton Told Blacks To Kill Cops In A Speech, But He Didn’t Know The Camera Was On!

Back in 1992 Al Sharpton goes on a screaming rant at Kean College in NJ, telling black people to kill cops. It’s infuriating to hear his call to action against Police officers. The same law upholding officers that protect and serve every citizen, white or black. Al Sharpton calls himself a reverend? If he’s a Christian it’s hard to tell.

“I don’t believe in marches, I don’t believe in that, I believe in offing em. I Believe in offing the pigs”

Oh, that boils my blood. He, and many like him, who are leaders in our communities, need to be very careful with what they say. For what they say stirs up hatred and anger toward our men in blue. Al Sharpton should feel part of the blame for the officers who lost their lives at the hands of black men.

This guy is REALLY guilty of encouraging racial violence. When you call a room full of black men cowards for not killing cops, then yes, you are to blame for the slaying of innocent Police officers. In Al’s own words he says “Well, they got pigs out here. You ain’t offed one of them. What I believe in, I do. Do what you believe in. Or shut up and admit that you’ve lost your courage and your guts to stand up”.

As you hear the clapping (expression of approval) for his words, you can’t help but shake your head in disbelief. Al Sharpton is a man of prominence and status in the black community. He has the responsibility to lead them righteously, especially as a reverend. When Sharpton demands his fellow black man to “stand up” and gun down a police officer, for nothing more than wearing a uniform. It’s inexcusable. So much hatred.

Al’s words are now our reality. The Nation is saddened the tragic story of another brave officer gunned down in cold blood by a black man has become commonplace, who had only hatred in his heart. Al Sharpton should be ashamed of himself. Watch the video below.

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