Al Sharpton Gets DEVASTATING NEWS After Attacking Ivanka Trump … INSTANT JUSTICE!

There is nothing Democrats hate more than Republicans. But in this case they hate Republican women far more. If you are black or a woman and Republican then you have to be a Democrat in the mind of a liberal. Which is why Democrats hate Ivanka Trump. She is gorgeous, intelligent, powerful, and successful. And she is Donald Trump’s daughter.

Al Sharpton went on the attack and Ivanka Trump was next in line for his disgusting comments. Sharpton is a prominent African American activist and race baiter who shipped in busloads of protestors after Trump was elected in order to make it seem like more people didn’t like Trump.

Sharpton recently told reporters the following,

“If President Barack Obama had given his daughters or his mother-in-law an office and some access to classified documents and cleared security status, they would have run him and everybody else out (of) the White House. Giving a office on the West Wing of Ivanka Trump, somebody explain to me how you can give security clearance, access to classified material, and a office to somebody that don’t have a title or job? They say now she ain’t got no title. She ain’t got no role. We ain’t payin’ her no money. But she can see everything classified.”

But ethics advisor Jamie Gorelick excoriated the man for his false slander. In response to Sharpton’s comments Gorelick said the following,

“Our view is that the conservative approach is for Ivanka to voluntarily comply with the rules that would apply if she were a government employee, even though she is not. The White House Counsel’s Office agrees with that approach.”

Al Sharpton’s theory falls flat because their is no equivalency. The Obama daughters were and always have been underage teenagers during their father’s administration. They would never be in a position to need the clearance Ivanka Trump has. Whereas Ivanka Trump is a successful businesswoman and educated servant.

Like so many times before Sharpton just wants something to complain about. Ivanka Trump is the epitome of class and integrity and Sharpton can’t take it because it doesn’t fit the narrative he has created and perpetuated about Republicans.

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