Al Sharpton Issues Insane Demand… This Would Be a Disaster (VIDEO)


The race hustler and pot-stirrer Al Sharpton has been one of the driving forces behind theracially-charged anti-police brutality protests we have witnessed take place around the country.

Sharpton makes the absurd claim that institutionalized racism on the part of white police officers is the reason black Americans have trouble getting ahead in life.

Of course, that totally avoids addressing the real issues facing America’s black community, while abdicating personal responsibility on the part of black Americans.

Over the weekend, Sharpton led a protest march in Washington DC, in which he spoke against state’s rights and called for yet more legislation and intervention into local affairs by the federal government. (H/T WND)

“We are here today, because we must have this nation deal with the fact that just like 50 years ago, the states have taken the position to rob the human rights and civil rights of citizens, with state’s rights projected laws that disempowered federal laws.”

“We’ve seen in Ferguson, Missouri, we’ve seen in Staten Island, where state grand juries have suspended the right of due process, so we come to Washington to call on this Congress and national government to do what was done before.”

“We need national legislation and intervention to save us from state grand juries that say ‘It is our right to choke people, even on tape, and you won’t bring them to court.”

Once again, the big government worshipping liberal statist that is Al Sharpton is calling for more government (and more government favoring one group of people over another), despite the fact that big government policies implemented by liberals are one of the main reasons behind the issues facing black communities in America today.

Sharpton has already called for a massive federal jobs program aimed at black people and has promised to keep the protest movement going until the government passes such legislation.

Sadly, Sharpton doesn’t really want to fix the problems facing the people he claims to represent, because he makes his living by perpetuating the problems.

In fact, the things he proposes will only make problems worse on a local level, as federal programs and intervention often do.

It is only a return of family values, free market alternatives, and a strengthening of the ties between local government and it’s constituents that will move us closer to an end to the racial strife seemingly plaguing America today.

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