Al Sharpton Just Got Hit With Career-Ending News After Trying To Smear Trump, He’s Finished (VIDEO)

Al Sharpton is one of the more well known examples of liberal race baters who like nothing more than inflaming the left to hate the right by calling conservatives racists. As a civil rights leader he has done less to create more equality and more to divide the racial harmony up in our country. Sharpton has taken to the media to make it appear that the democrats loss in this presidential election is somehow an affront to African Americans in this country.

He has smeared President Elect Trump as a racist and in a recently leaked video that has gone viral it has show Sharpton as the bigoted man he truly is while speaking in front of a crowd.

Back in 1992 Sharpton went to Kean College in New Jersey to address a crowd and he tried talking to them about the effects and the causes of police brutality. Sharpton told an applauding audience.

“All the Panther lovers. All the ‘Do it or die.’ All the ‘by any means necessary’ negros…. I didn’t see ’em stand up and do nothing. ‘Oh really, I don’t believe in marching, I believe in offing the pigs.’ Well they got pigs out here.
You ain’t offed one of them. What I believe in I do. Do what you believe in. Or shut up and admit you’ve lost your courage and you guts to stand up. ‘I ain’t havin’ no march. ‘I believe in fightin’.’ Well fight then! Ain’t nobody holding you! “I’ll off the man.’ Well off him. Plenty of crackers walking right around here tonight.”
The video is incredibly embarrassing for the reverend and social activists and it also destroys his credibility. Especially considering he is so quick to throw stones at others. Watch his entire meltdown on camera below,
The problem with liberals like Sharpton is that they do not listen. But more importantly, they believe they are morally self righteous and that it is there way or the highway. The hypocrisy of his actions are astounding. While he sits their and points his fingers at others calling them racists, bigots, and xenophobes he is caught behaving in the same way he detests so much. It is absolute lunacy.

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