I guess he gets special treatment with his buddy Obama…

Al Sharpton owes millions in state and federal liens, according to a New York Times report out today about the activist and MSNBC host’s finances.

Sharpton owes more than $4.5 million and has “regularly sidestepped” his financial obligations, the report finds. His advocacy group National Action Network has not paid federal payroll taxes for years, and has “repeatedly failed” to pay money owed for travel and living arrangements.

The report tracks not just Sharpton’s financial history, but its relationship to Sharpton’s rise from outsider activist to influential insider. And it also notes that the revenue from Sharpton’s group has spiked in recent years, coming in from plenty of corporate sponsors.

The Times report even goes so far as to note that what Sharpton did is characterized by the Treasury inspector general as “‘abusive,’ or ‘potentially criminal’ if the failure to turn over or collect taxes is willful.’”

You can read the full report here.


Courtesy of Mediaite

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