Al Sharpton Promised To Leave The Country If Trump Won, You’ll Laugh At What He’s Saying Now

Numerous celebrities and high profile politicians have insisted over the past year that if Donald Trump won the general election and became president that they would leave the country and emigrate elsewhere. Rarely do people ever follow through with such ridiculous promises. As is evidenced by he people who said the same thing about George W. Bush,

Al Sharpton is one of the fanatic who promised to leave. A TMZ reported surprised him with a camera and microphone and asked him if he would follow brought with his promise.

Sharpton responded,

“I mean it’s not the results we wanted. Very sad. But we survived almost as bad on some cases worse. We’re dealing with a guy who used divisiveness and bigotry and won.”

He went on,

“Now, how do we protect what we’ve done in the last 8 years that he’s going to come after that President Obama established? How do we protect it? He can rest assure we are not going to take our foot off the pedal. He is going to have the fight of his life.”

That’s when the reporter asked him of his initial promise to move.

“I mean, all of us said that. That was said in jest. We’re not going anywhere. Clearly, it was said in jest. If that’s the comfort they got, they might as well get ready for an uncomfortable ride. Mr. Trump better saddle up.”

Well at least he admitted that all these people who claim they will leave the count are just saying it in humor. Or at least are not serious about it. But in reality we probably wouldn’t mind if people like Al Sharpton left and never came back.

In all seriousness these people who greater to leave the United States are so foolish and absolutely ludicrous. Everyone knows they have no intention of following through with their promises. It’s all just smoke in mirrors so nobody takes them seriously anymore.

Nobody was doing this or being so ridiculous when President Obama. It was not the end of the world then and it is not the end of the world now. Get over it.

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