Suppose they gave a protest and nobody came?

That appears to be exactly what’s happening to the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sharpton is apparently having significant trouble drumming up supporters to march on Washington Saturday for the National March Against Police Violence.

His National Parks Service permit allows for up to 5,000 participants to march along Pennsylvania Ave., and Sharpton isn’t providing any more information than that.

“We have over 100 buses coming from New York alone, but I’m not giving out numbers,” Sharpton told The New York Post.

Local unions are only sending a few hundred protestors.

Little Haiti Al Sharpton 1992

Maybe Sharpton just isn’t good with figures. Or just doesn’t care.

He’d be in good company. Only about 400,000 attended the Million Man March in 1995, but no one ever changed the name, even though they couldn’t even claim to have been rounding up.

And of course, like any good liberal, he had a good excuse for his failure that didn’t require him to accept any personal responsibility.

“We only had eight days to plan,” he told The Post.

Could this be yet another signal that Sharpton’s career is over?

He’s been rejected by black families who don’t want his brand of race baiting at their relatives’ funerals and rejected by Ferguson protesters as well.

Perhaps his closeness to the Washington establishment is actually working against his credibility on the street.

Ironically, some of those who most wish Sharpton to have a few more profitable years doing … well, whatever it is he does, are America’s taxpayers.

He owes us money.

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