Alabama About To Begin BRUTAL New Rule For Teachers Who Have Sex With Students – Do You Agree With This?

A judge in Alabama has been literally cursed with reviewing a law that prohibits teachers from participating in sexual relations with students who are ages 16 to 18. This judge must rule on the legality of the sexual relations. The age of consent in Alabama is 16, so technically anyone having sex with a 16-year-old is legally allowed to do so. There is no crime because the law has stated the consent age.

Technically, no law is broken when someone sleeps with a 16-year-old in Alabama. However, that doesn’t mean that a school cannot initiate a policy within their district or school that prohibits relations between students and teachers. There’s a definite conflict of interest and level of unprofessional action that takes place if a teacher has a relation with a student. By law, it may not be criminal, but that does not mean it should be done. The school should certainly have a policy in place that prohibits this action from being permissible. Opening that door inside a school will bring nothing but problems and should not be allowed.

A judge in Alabama is tasked with reviewing the law that prohibits teachers from having sex with students between the ages of 16 to 18. It could possibly be overturned. reports that the law which mandates employees of schools who have sex with students under the age of 19 is under review. The judge is hearing the case, which gives these employees up to 20 years in prison for such offenses and register as a sex offender.

Carrie Cabri Witt, a Decatur High School teacher and coach, brought claims that the law is unconstitutional. The judge is taking the case very seriously, saying he knows he has a lot of reading to do, as he reviews all the written arguments before making his ruling.

The law may be unconstitutional if the age of consent conflicts with it. You can’t have two conflicting laws and expect proper results. The laws have to agree with each other. If the age of consent is 16, then you cannot give someone a jail sentence if they have relations with someone of that age. They can avoid most cases of conflict by raising the age of consent to 18. Even though teenagers are very sexually active, that doesn’t mean they need to be active with much older people. If two teens have a relation, that’s much different than someone in their 20’s or 30’s having a relation with someone nearly half their age.

The judge should consider raising the consent age to 18, then most cases of students and teachers having relations could be avoided. Many seniors in high school turn 18 and are considered an adult at the time, so if they do anything as an adult, then that’s their business. In rare cases, there can be a young 22-year-old teacher and if that teacher is with an 18-year-old who has graduated high school and now enters college. It would be very similar to college freshman having relations with a college senior. Of course, we don’t usually witness that. We’re often told of the worst case scenarios where much older people court the younger, or vice versa, and that’s where it becomes a problem.

If people waited until they were adults, then we wouldn’t have to waste time asking a judge to review laws like these.

And for the record, stop hooking up with high school students. They can’t even buy you beer on the way over.

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