ALERT: 27 People Wounded, 1 Dead…. Waiting President to Address the Nation

It’s Christmas weekend, but for the Chicago Police Department it’s still another weekend of crime and murder. In just a 48-hour period over this holiday weekend there has already been 27 people shot, 7 of these have turned up fatal.

Of these seven people there was an 18-year old teenager who suffered a shot to his neck and back. He was driving through one of Chicago’s neighborhoods early on Christmas Day about 1:30am as reported by local news when the shots rang out, struck and killed him immediately.

Not even an hour after this tragedy a 21-year old man was shot execution style in the head just a few neighborhoods away.

Police Officer Jose Estrada, who is a spokesperson for the local police department told the Times on Sunday that there have so far been a total of 745 homicides in Chicago this year alone. This is a scary number, but especially terrifying when you take into the facts that it is an increase of 50% from the same time last year.

Last year the total was 476.

Just this past October the FBI announce that on a national level our murder rate is actually at an all time 33-year-low for 2016.

This seems to not have any impact on Chicago however, where Christmas weekend turned out to still be a holiday of crime and death.

The questions is, when will the ‘good’ people of Chicago gain any sort of peace of mind that there is someone fighting for their safety. The men and women in blue are doing the best they can to protect and serve, but it will take more. It will take a President who recognizes the need of the people.

In Chicago’s case, the people need order, and deserve to have peace of mind that their cities are safe.

Where are you at Obama? Can you not hear the cries of people who are suffering loss of their loved ones day after day in Chicago?

Of course you don’t. It’s hard to her all the way from Hawaii.

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